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Sign Up for Quality and Reliable Connectivity

Step 1

Send us an enquiry to confirm coverage:

Step 2

A Woopi tech team member will contact you for a site survey to ensure we can provide a reliable and good quality service.

Step 3

Buy the installation kit as recommended by the tech team.

Step 4

The installation team will be scheduled for your installation once payment is confirmed

Step 5

Service Activation

* Note: All Tech teams are equipped with a standard install kit, so step 3 to 5 can all happen at the same time.

** Service will only be activated once payment have been confirmed.

*** All services are subject to a site survey and infrastructure availability base on your location.

Woopi Solutions

Woopi Wireless

Fiber to the Home
(launching soon)

Fiber to the Business
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Voip Phone Services
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Uncapped Wireless Packages

Capped Wireless Packages

Why Woopi

Synchronous Connectivity

Upload and download speeds are the same

Uncapped Internet

Use as much bandwith as you can

Quality and Reliability

We guarantee our uptimes and service levels

Excellent After Sales

Our helpdesk provides an excellent support service

Heavy Duty Browsing

Woopi supports gaming and other heavy duty web traffic

Directors Experience

Woopi leverages the vast international experience of its directors

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need to get the service?

Each customer will receive Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), which is the receiving radio that will be installed on the outside of your home or office. 

Can I install my own system?

Due to the complexity of the system, wiring and programming, we do not allow self-installation. We do a custom install at each site to insure the best quality of service.

What does the installation fee cover?

Our basic installation fee of R1750.00 includes connecting you to the Internet with the most direct route from the CPE to one computer or router in your home/office. It includes CPE mounting hardware and up to 20m of shielded Cat5e cable. Customers with multi-level homes may require extra cabling and/or custom installation time. A quote will be provided by our licensed contractor before all installs.

Can I connect more than one computer?

Absolutely! If you purchase a router from Woopi at the time of installation, we will configure it and secure your wireless network for sharing in your home or office at no extra labor charge.

Are there any cancellation fees?

No, and we offer a 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If in the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the service, we will give a full refund on the equipment (must be in original condition) and any monthly service fees, with the exception of any custom installation fees charged by our contractor(s).

Is there a monthly plan?

Accounts are invoiced on a monthly basis and issued by email through our Enterprise Billing System. Balances may be paid by debit order or eft. We accept Visa & MasterCard for installation fees. We may be contacted at info@woopi.co.za with any billing questions or comments.

Do I get an email account?

Woopi does not host email. We recommend that you choose from one of the many free email services available from companies such as Gmail.com, Yahoo.com, or Hotmail.com.

Do you limit data?

No, we do not. All of our Pricing Plans are uncapped. We do have a Fair Usage Policy to protect our customers. By managing the data used on our networks we insure all of customers have the consistent, high quality internet service they deserve.

Can I share my wireless connection with neighbors?

No. For security reasons, sharing your service with anyone not located on your property is a direct violation of our Terms & Conditions (T&C’s) and is just plain bad for business.

Do I need line-of-sight to receive a signal from your radios?

Typically, yes. However, each house is unique and in certain circumstances can be connected with near line-of-sight. This can be determined with a no cost site survey.

Can I play online games?

Yes. Woopi users are very happy with our ping time of less than 50 milliseconds. However, we are a shared community network and we can’t guarantee the quality for gaming in peak times.


Absolutely, yes! Many of our users have VOIP phone service since it is very cost effective.

Is the service affected by weather?

Our service is typically not affected by weather unless under extreme conditions. Users may notice slower speeds during very heavy rain or snowstorms. 

What if the power is out?

The Woopi network is reliant on the power grid. All of our sites have battery backups for extended power outages.  It is possible that users may not have internet service if there is no power on the grid. We are happy to report that we have 99% up time.

What exactly is fixed wireless broadband?

"Fixed" means a permanently mounted antenna is required. "Wireless" means what it implies - no wires. The connection between the subscriber and provider's network occurs wirelessly through the air.

Is Woopi satellite?

Not even close. It is a common misconception that wireless means satellite. Our low power wireless radios send and receive data through the air from our ground stations. Our wireless signals stay here on earth and have very low latency compared to satellite technology.

Is It Secure?

Woopi is a private community wireless network and we take the security of our customers and network very seriously, implementing multiple measures to protect it. One of those measures is that Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited on the Woopi Network. P2P is allowing your computer to transfer files to/from other computers. A common example of this is downloading games, music or movies without paying for them through websites such as LimeWire, imesh, bearshare, etc. In addition to being illegal, the sharing of files may allow outsiders access to your personal information and computer data. All customers must keep their routers encrypted (password protected) at all times. Anti Virus must be installed and current on every computer (with the exception of MAC systems) running on the network, and scheduled to run automatic scans a minimum of every 30 days.

Are the radio waves from your equipment safe?

Our subscriber and repeater equipment transmit at very low RF power levels. All of our equipment is ICASA  certified, meaning that they're certified safe for indoor use.

Do I own the equipment?

The CPE you receive at installation belongs to you, so you do not pay a monthly rental charge. If at any time you no longer need our services prior to completion of contract period, there will be a cancellation fee calculated to the remaining value due on subsidized equipment.

Do I need any sort of special software?

No. Our service does not require any special software. Our service will work with any computer system that understands standard TCP/IP networking protocols, including Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, as well as video game consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii.

What if I have cable in my house already?

Our connection requires a single shield CAT5e cable from the CPE into the house. TV coaxial cable will not work for our connection.

Do I need a working computer at the time of install?

We request that you have all devices you wish to connect to the Woopi network available and powered up so that we can insure all your connection needs are met. If you’re not able to have a working computer on site the installer will show you with their computer that service is up and running to complete his install obligation. Return visits to connect devices may be arranged and will be charged at the installer’s hourly rate.

What are my minimum computer system requirements?

Most computers in use today will meet our minimum system requirements. An Ethernet port or Wi-Fi card is necessary and anti-virus/spyware software is required!

Referral program

We love it when our customers enjoy our service and tell their friends and neighbors.  Existing customers receive a free month of service when a new customer they refer signs up.